Alix Spence is a director and cinematographer interested in telling documentary-style stories centered around the intimate and rich portrayal of our everyday lives. With a background in film theory from King’s College London, her theoretical knowledge in form and framing informs a larger visually-based narrative. Shooting as she directs, Alix relies on discovering the deeper parts of her subjects and illustrates these depths through crafting strong images.

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Alix developed a love for films by auteurs like Tarkovsky and Buñuel as well as an obsession for food with french fries placed inexplicably on top. She completed her MFA in Film & TV Production at the University of Southern California in May 2015, having received the Sun Cinematography Award for achievements in cinematography. Whilst there, she was 1 of 2 students chosen to participate in a masterclass with famed directing actors instructor Judith Weston and lensed both fiction and documentary shorts. She also began shooting fashion videos for Flaunt Magazine, capturing over a dozen artists such as Migos and Britt Robertson.

Her direct involvement in each facet of the film cycle, from crafting treatments to executing the proposed ideas has helped Alix to expand her knowledge and focus on commercial work as a director/cinematographer. She has since directed and shot a number of documentaries for the Charles Darwin Foundation, KCET and Zagat, music videos for musicians such as The Warlocks, Pearl Charles and Lucy Peru, and commercials for companies such as NARS, Sephora and Cavit Wine.

Alix Spence currently resides in East Los Angeles.

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